UPS Battery Backup for Your Bay Area Business

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If you own a Bay Area business, knowing about UPS battery backup can give you peace of mind.

Many entrepreneurs want to protect against sudden power outages, but they don’t know what their options are. Over the last few years, investing in an on-site electric generator has become common.

But a generator is really only one-half of the emergency preparedness toolkit here in the Bay Area. These generators are used by nursing homes and hospitals and other essential facilities to provide power when the worst happens, but they are supported by another system that’s just as important.

That’s the UPS battery backup system.

And it’s the first investment you should make to protect your investments from disaster.

A UPS Battery Backup System Is Your First Line of Defense

You might be familiar with consumer UPS battery backup systems. These are used to maintain power to computers or refrigerators when the power goes out. Whenever power from the utility is interrupted, a UPS battery backup system kicks on seamlessly.

But these smaller systems aren’t suitable for commercial enterprises. They aren’t enough to keep your lights on, maintain cooling or refrigeration, and so on. For that, you need a commercial UPS that is sized to meet your needs.

Depending on the configuration you choose and which amenities you decide to power, you could keep your operations running for several hours or several days. Exactly what connects to your UPS depends on your priorities and the unique needs of the people you serve.

For example, healthcare enterprises use UPS systems to keep critical equipment running and protect patients. A senior center might focus on keeping the lights on, the air conditioning functional, and the refrigeration systems working so medication isn’t spoiled.

Your UPS Battery Backup Can Work with Your Generator

If you’ve priced an emergency generator, you understand that it’s a big investment. A generator must be huge to keep up with the demands of the average commercial structure. But that fact doesn’t mean you have to choose one or the other. Your UPS battery backup system can make things more cost-effective.

When key equipment or building systems are connected to your UPS backup systems, that’s less output you need from your generator. And absolutely “mission critical” items can be supported by both your UPS and generator at the same time, adding a crucial layer of redundancy.

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