Commercial UPS for Property Management Companies

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As a property management company, one of the most important things you can do to ensure the long-term growth of your business is to make sure your clients don’t decide to switch to “the other guy.”

There are two ways:

  • Make the “upside” of your service so positive and attractive that nobody else can beat it
  • Demonstrate that the “downside” of switching to another company is too much trouble

In any industry, the most successful businesses do both. You want to have a unique, powerful value add that immediately stands out from the competition. At the same time, you want to make it clear that the process of replacing you will lose your customer real advantages – not just anyone will do.

Getting there requires you to think deeply about what keeps your customers up at night.

No matter whether you’re overseeing a multi-family residential property, commercial property, or even an industrial property, there’s one issue that unites all of your Bay Area customers: The potential for a devastating business impact from uncontrolled power outages.

A Commercial UPS Protects Your Customers and Builds Your Brand

You can’t do anything about the rising prevalence of wildfires in California or the problems caused by aging electrical infrastructure. These are issues everyone has to deal with, including your customers.

But you can respond in a proactive, powerful way that sets you apart.

That’s precisely what a commercial UPS enables you to do.

With a commercial UPS, attached lighting, building systems, and equipment will immediately switch to battery backup power if electrical service is interrupted. Depending on the size and specifications of a commercial UPS, it may be able to keep the lights on for hours.

The goal of any commercial UPS is twofold:

  • Minimize major disruptions, such as the loss of data from uncontrolled computer shutdowns
  • Facilitate comfort and human safety (lights, HVAC, etc.) until full power service is restored

If you have backup generators installed on a property, then a commercial UPS system becomes even more versatile and useful. Combined with your generator capacity, it may be possible to weather an emergency for weeks without major impact on the tenants or others who rely on your property.

That reflects well on you and makes your customer’s life easier.

Getting started with a Bay Area commercial UPS is simple.

Contact the experts at Nite & Day Power to find out more, or get started.

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