Need a Power Analysis on a Commercial Building?

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If you plan to be in your commercial building for three years or more, a power analysis is essential to protect your business.

A power analysis is the first step that can help you ensure the wiring system in your building is ready to grow with your needs. In conjunction with a commercial uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a power analysis protects your assets from serious electrical issues.

What Happens During a Power Analysis for a Commercial Building?

During a power analysis, experienced electrical engineers from Nite & Day Power evaluate your wiring from top to bottom. Special thermal cameras are used to recognize hot spots that indicate a problem – weak connections, grounding failures, and other concerns.

Any one of these faults in your wiring system can result in major problems:

  • Electrical fires may develop suddenly and without warning
  • You might experience interruptions in power transmission
  • “Dirty” power can damage sensitive electrical equipment

A corroded or failing wire is the usual culprit behind these and other matters. But our investigation doesn’t end there. We’ll also measure the capacity of your system and advise you on whether it will meet your future goals. We check electrical grounding to further defend you against the unexpected.

After Your Commercial Power Analysis, a UPS Is A Next Step

A commercial battery backup system can save you thousands of dollars in lost opportunities.

When an electrical transmission is interrupted for any reason, your lighting and equipment can shift to battery backup power immediately. Depending on the size of your UPS system, you can safely guide your devices to a controlled shutdown – or maintain your operations for several hours.

A power analysis is the first step, helping you eliminate the risk of a fire or complete wiring system burnout. An uninterruptible power supply, on the other hand, protects you from external risks.

Power outages happen every day. It may come down to a serious storm, flooding, landslides, or even an intentional decision by PG&E. Whatever the case, your UPS system will be there for you.

UPS Maintenance Contracts Make Bay Area Success Easier

Under ideal conditions, your UPS may go weeks or months without use. To be absolutely sure it will work as expected, we offer UPS maintenance contracts Bay Area businesses can trust. The bigger and more powerful your system, the more sophisticated the maintenance – leave it to the pros.

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