Uninterruptible Power Supply to Improve Data Center Risk Management

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A company data center is the very definition of “mission-critical.”

Not only does it facilitate the delivery of crucial services, but it also ensures the safety of sensitive internal information. Any kind of disruption to data center operations can cost thousands or even millions of dollars an hour. As a result, the responses are often measured in minutes.

All in all, the best solution is to never have the problem in the first place!

As a leader in your enterprise’s own data center, you know that risk management comes with trade-offs. The C-suite would never approve the kind of budget you would need to eliminate every risk, no matter how pressing. But there is one big point of fault you can take care of with only a modest investment.

That problem – among the biggest you could have – is power loss in your data center.

Power Loss Is the Largest Potential Business Disruptor for Corporate Data Centers

Let’s face it: Bay Area power has never been less reliable than it is today.

Yet, you can keep your data center running strong even if power is cut off. No matter if the reason is severe weather or another “Public Safety Power Shutoff,” an uninterruptible power supply seamlessly takes over for you. By switching to battery power, you can continue to utilize crucial equipment.

Once installed, an uninterruptible power supply is always ready for action.

Depending on the size of your uninterruptible power supply, you can maintain regular operations or safely ramp down your equipment so no data is lost. The right uninterruptible power supply will support your failover capabilities and business continuity plans.

And that is far from the end of the story.

Your battery backup power system can also reduce other significant risks:

1. Fire

Overtaxed electrical systems can easily cause a catastrophic fire, especially in older facilities. These are often sparked by delivery issues related to poor line conditioning – spikes and surges that damage your equipment. Your UPS reduces the risk and can also help keep your fire suppression system prepared.

2. Physical and Data Security

When the lights go off, many of today’s most popular physical security mechanisms go offline. Likewise, the loss of key servers can mean that preventive data security measures are not working as they should. With your UPS, you minimize this kind of disruption.

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