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Summer is almost here, and San Jose stands to find itself in the middle of rolling blackouts.

Back in 2020, no less a figure than San Jose’s Mayor Sam Liccardo blasted PG&E for extended blackouts that affected the area. After a weekend that saw much of the city plunged into darkness, the mayor stated that “the poor state of repair and replacement” of PG&E’s electrical infrastructure was the direct cause.

With PG&E taking refuge under its bankruptcy protection, you can bet that not much has changed. We should do our best to learn from the lessons of the summer of 2020 and be prepared.

Due to COVID-19, any upgrades to electrical delivery systems that were planned have fallen by the wayside. Not surprisingly, such activities will now have to wait even longer – Northern California’s electrical grid simply doesn’t have the spare capacity to go under prolonged maintenance at the height of summer.

What does it all mean for San Jose area business owners?

That comes down to one simple question:

Are you prepared for this year’s rolling blackouts?

Get Ready for Rolling Blackouts with a Free Power Analysis

Every time a blackout happens, it places more stress on your wiring system.

Many commercial buildings in San Jose are 20 years old or even older. Think about it: The internet barely had any traction with the public then, and the mobile revolution was still years away. Even with the best plans and the highest construction standards, no one could have anticipated the demands businesses must meet today.

From computer systems to critical medical equipment and beyond, virtually everything used by a modern San Jose business relies on robust, high-quality electrical service. But even if your lights don’t flicker, you could still be absorbing voltage sags and spikes that diminish performance and shorten your equipment’s lifespan.

How do you know? A comprehensive power analysis is the key.

Whether you’re planning to buy a backup power system or not yet sure whether a backup power system is right for you, a power analysis helps you make more informed choices. It will give you important information you can use to protect your people and your investments.

So, just what can you find out from a power analysis?

Our team will verify the core aspects of your electrical system:

  • Correct grounding, including building and neutral grounds, of any backup power equipment

  • A complete review of your structure’s electrical wiring and the phasing of your input power

  • Confirmation that you have the appropriate wire gauge on all of your critical equipment

With our best-in-class calculation tools, we can determine the minimum, typical, and maximum loads that your power system will experience throughout this summer. That enables us to give you accurate calculations for planning your investment in backup power supply or generator systems.

It also helps you control risks related to your electrical system, such as the risk of fire or blown fuses.

All New Customers Get a Free Onsite Evaluation from Nite & Day Power

At Nite & Day Power, we believe that having the proper support from your electrical system is crucial. It affects your day-to-day business operations, ensuring you can serve members of the community who count on you. With that in mind, we are opening up free onsite power evaluations for all new business customers.

Whether you have a backup power system, you’re looking for a new backup power system, or you don’t have a backup power system just yet, the experts at Nite & Day will give you the insight you need to get the most from your electrical infrastructure – and protect your business from rolling blackouts with a trustworthy UPS.

To schedule your free onsite power consultation, contact us.

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