Battery Backup Power for Your Business

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In northern California, businesses don’t generally need to worry about snow – in fact, there’s been only two official reports of snow accumulating in downtown San Francisco over the last 100 years!

But that doesn’t mean winter weather is always mild. In fact, this is a season that can bring a high level of precipitation to the Bay Area and surrounding communities, dumping inches of rainfall.

As California swings between drought, wildfire, and rain, the terrain is much more susceptible to being disrupted. Mudslides, floods, and more can all strike. This may not be a problem in your neighborhood, but much of the electrical infrastructure your business relies on is “out there” in undeveloped areas.

We all know the feeling of driving from the North Bay down to Los Angeles or San Diego and reaching places in between where there’s nowhere to stop. A blow to electrical transformers and power lines that may be hundreds of miles from your business can knock your lights out for hours.

And the problem is getting worse, not better.

Battery Backup Power Protects You From The Unexpected 

California’s electrical infrastructure is aging. As weather damage accumulates, problems spread across the system. Just like the summer wildfire season, the winter brings its own potential for trouble.

A battery backup power system prevents you from being exposed to significant safety risks or data loss if your utility fails. Even a small battery backup power setup is enough to safely take your equipment offline. A larger one can keep your business operational for some time.

Critical businesses like hospitals often pair battery backup power with an on-site generator system. With the appropriate battery backup, you can continue to run your business for several hours, usually giving you enough time for regular service to be restored.

The value of battery backup power becomes even more prominent around the end of the year. You might find yourself spending more time with family or even on vacation out of town. At a time like this, it could be disastrous if your business loses power and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Luckily, a battery backup power system is an affordable investment with clear ROI.

Don’t leave your reputation and your revenue at the mercy of severe winter weather in California. Learn more about battery backup power configuration optimized for your business by contacting Nite & Day Power.

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