Dental Offices Need Battery Backup Power

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Millions of Americans have some degree of dental anxiety, and services like sedation dentistry are getting more popular. You can imagine the impression it might make on some patients if they're in the middle of a procedure and everything suddenly ... stops.

It's the nightmare scenario for them – and it might be the same for dentists like you. Patients who get startled in the chair are more likely to look for another dentist.

That's just one reason why dental offices need battery backup power.

Your Important Dental Equipment Relies on Battery Backup Power

Battery backup power is a sound investment for any medical practice, and that's just as true of dental offices. Many dental practices are in smaller buildings with limited electrical infrastructure. Older buildings can't sustain peak demand for long before wiring systems are taxed to the brink.

As you add equipment to your dental practice, it's crucial to evaluate whether your electrical system is up to the job. Battery backup power is essential for keeping your office running smoothly if your system overloads or your utility fails.

Consider some of the equipment that can benefit from UPS battery backup battery backup power:

1. Dental Utilities

Vacuums, separation tanks, and compressors are just a few of the machines that work tirelessly to support your efforts, providing you with pressurized air, water, and suction you can rely on without having to think about it.

2. Diagnostic Imaging

Safe and effective dental procedures rely on sound diagnostic imaging. Today's new digital X-ray technology is extremely precise and relatively easy to use, but it brings with it significant demands for electrical power.

3. Dental Delivery Systems

Handpieces, vacuums, and syringes support the precise flow of air and water that could be disrupted during an electrical failure. A mid-sized battery backup system can run devices like this for several hours.

4. Dental Operating Lights

Mounted operating lights ensure you can always see what you're doing during a procedure. If lighting fails and no alternative is available, it's often safer to suspend a procedure than to continue.

While battery backup power isn't intended to keep a dentist office going indefinitely, it can be enough to finish up a procedure that would otherwise be interrupted. That maintains your patients' safety, protects you from liabilities, and ensures patients know they are in great hands with you.

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