UPS Power Supply for San Jose

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California has been through a series of events that have made it clearer than ever just how crucial uninterruptible power is. No matter where you are in the state, you can benefit from an uninterruptible supply of power to protect your operations.

Electric from Utilities is Less Reliable Than Ever in San Jose and Elsewhere

With Gov. Newsom’s shelter in place orders still going strong, businesses are facing new challenges when it comes to operational continuity. Business owners in San Jose and throughout the Golden State have reported disruptions in power, ranging from spikes to brownouts and blackouts.

Rolling blackouts struck the state in August and fire season is ending later every year.

As California reckons with an unprecedented number of severe wildfires, it’s even more crucial that residents abide by the shelter in place regulations. Making the situation even more serious, many essential and other businesses are now open, making critical power absolutely essential.

How can you protect your employees, patients, and clients?

A UPS power supply is the answer, whether in San Jose or Southern California.

An Uninterruptible Supply of Power Will Help You Avert Further Shutdown Orders

If your workplace lost power, how long will it be able to operate and be considered safe under today’s conditions?

Air quality in San Jose has dropped to the lowest levels on record as the Bay Area suffered under a 28-day streak of "Spare the Air" alerts. Commercial HVAC systems are working overtime not only to moderate the temperature, but to maintain the airflow necessary for people to visit businesses safely. Because of this, utility companies were issuing rolling blackouts to conserve power.

If your power went down for even a half an hour, odds are good that both your personnel and the public would be exposed to danger. Ultimately, even closing down for the day would mean a commute back home under “double whammy” conditions of social distancing and bad air.

An uninterruptible power supply can prevent all that.

If electricity from your utility suddenly cuts out, your UPS connects to pick up the slack. Using an advanced array of batteries, it provides the power you need. A small system can keep key computer equipment running so you can power down if need be, or survive rolling blackouts. A bigger one can keep the lights on and air blowing.

No matter the size of your business, we can equip you with the right UPS for shelter in place. To learn more, contact Nite & Day Power.

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