How Often Should Your UPS be Serviced?

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Just like any complex system – from your building’s HVAC to your own car – your UPS should be serviced on a regular basis. UPS maintenance is key to ensuring the system works effectively.

A UPS consists of many components, some of which may need replacement without warning due to age. UPS maintenance includes checking over all of these pieces and ensuring they work.

Since a UPS may go months between uses, UPS maintenance is essential!

But it’s important to choose the right UPS maintenance schedule. While it won’t harm your UPS to receive more care than it needs, it may reduce the cost-effectiveness you expect from your system. On the other hand, waiting too long can be truly disastrous.

A UPS Maintenance Schedule to Keep Your Business Continuity Plan on Track

Far more tasks go into UPS maintenance than you might expect.

The maintenance plan should include:

  • Ensuring the UPS operating environment is free of issues that may damage the system
  • Checking the total electrical and wiring environment for faults that may create issues
  • Testing the function of all UPS components, including a performance test under load
  • Assessing the battery and replacing any individual battery units that aren’t reliable
  • Documenting all replacements, test results, and concerns for your future reference

The UPS maintenance needs of an individual system are usually built around the manufacturer's recommendations. Major system inspections should be performed at least annually on small to mid-sized systems. Large systems should always receive a complete inspection twice annually.

During major UPS maintenance inspections, all equipment should receive operational tests and logs consulted to resolve system alarms. The diagnostic systems should also be checked. The whole operating environment should be reviewed for temperature, airflow, dirt, and moisture.

Power connections should be cleaned and tightened and all cabling inspected for signs of wear.

Air filters should be replaced at major inspections but may be replaced quarterly in adverse operating environments. The system should be calibrated and control batteries replaced at least every two years – potentially sooner if the system has been used in recent weeks or months.

Minor system inspections should be performed within 3-5 months after a major inspection or as soon as possible after an electrical main failure requires the system to be used. These small-scale checks help you notice and get ahead of issues before they affect performance.

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