A San Jose Line Interactive UPS Guards Against Under-Voltage

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You might have a UPS system or may be planning to get one.

But is your UPS really the best one for the job?

Many San Jose business owners don’t realize there are several kinds of UPS to choose from. A San Jose line interactive UPS provides balanced quality and affordability that’s truly appealing for high tech enterprises.

A San Jose Line Interactive UPS Beats the Alternatives in the Bay Area

The last few years have seen some challenges for the Bay Area, even right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Power fluctuations from PG&E are becoming a fact of life. Businesses must compensate.

Data-driven Silicon Valley businesses are at the highest risk when it comes to voltage spikes, sags, and brown-outs. These conditions may last only a second or two, but they often recur throughout the day. Sensitive electronic equipment can be severely damaged.

A line interactive UPS is the solution.

In San Jose, line interactive UPS systems protect key equipment. They effectively correct over- and under-voltages without switching to battery power. This preserves the maximum amount of battery reserve while ensuring clean voltage for your devices.

When Is a Line Interactive UPS Most Useful?

Not surprisingly, line interactive UPS systems see the most use in telecommunications.

They are ideal for PCs, networking hardware, and the majority of servers. You might also see them referred to as “voltage independent” systems because they maintain continuity of service under all line conditions.

Even sensitive network equipment can continue uninterrupted.

This UPS is equipped with sophisticated voltage monitoring features. It goes a step beyond the protection offered by an offline (VFD) system that can only protect against outages, sags, and a limited number of overvoltage scenarios.

A line interactive UPS is a strong choice for most San Jose businesses. Its wide input voltage window and extraordinary efficiency mean it is both versatile and powerful. Loss of data can be dramatically reduced under even the most trying conditions.

It may not be ideal for situations in which frequency variations, voltage distortions, or voltage harmonics problems are encountered regularly. In these cases, you should consider a “double conversion” (VFI) system.

Nite & Day Power is here to help you make the right choice. We’ll be glad to advise you on a system that meets your needs and install it on your premises. Our team is the trusted name in San Jose UPS services. Contact us today.

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