An Emergency Power Source is Crucial in an Uncertain World

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An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is there for you and your business when electricity is not available from your utility. No matter the source of the issue, a good UPS serves as an emergency power source that grants critical minutes or hours to stabilize the situation.

In years past, many Northern California businesses went without a UPS. That’s changing fast, as today’s companies are exposed to more risks than ever before. An emergency power supply makes sense in a world where nothing is quite as reliable as it once was.

Consider these facts:

1. Blackouts Are the “New Normal” in NorCal

With PG&E now instituting rolling blackouts in response to unpredictable weather events, there is no telling when a UPS may come in handy. Hundreds of thousands of Californians were directly affected by recent blackouts, many with less than 24 hours notice.

2. Wildfires Can Disrupt Power from Many Miles Away

Naturally, the only thing to do when a wildfire approaches is evacuate. However, these fires can have serious effects on your business even if they are hours away. They can damage power lines and transformers in their path, causing widespread service outages far away.

3. Earthquakes Are Still a Common Risk Factor

Even beyond “the Big One,” NorCal residents need to be alert to earthquake risk. Just like fires, earthquakes can disrupt utilities and other infrastructure. An emergency power source makes a big difference if you, your staff, or the public must take shelter in your building.

4. Data Security Risks Now Extend to Your Electricity

All business owners have heard about the increased frequency and severity of hacking attacks. Modern hackers can launch a direct attack on your business or may even be able to disrupt power at the source. Your emergency power source keeps you safer.

5. Rain and Wind Cause Intermittent Power Outages

Outages aren’t always caused by a major disaster. Simple rain and wind can bring down power lines during the wet season. Intermittent service – causing disruptive “brown outs” that can damage sensitive equipment – is a constant worry in harsh weather.

You can’t plan for everything, but you can protect your business from the unexpected with an emergency power source. Nite & Day Power will help you select the right UPS for you, install it, and provide UPS maintenance for rock solid reliability in an uncertain world.

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