5 Important Bay Area UPS Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

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Bay Area UPS maintenance is essential to ensuring your UPS works as expected.

There are several maintenance tasks only a qualified service technician can perform. General UPS maintenance should be handled about once a quarter. A complete test of the entire system and its associated batteries is necessary once a year.

Most Bay Area UPS maintenance requires the expertise of professional technicians, but there are a few things you and your staff can do to extend UPS life and stay alert to any UPS system problems.

 Here’s what to do every month:

1. Inspect the UPS System

A simple visual inspection is the first step in most maintenance routines. Make sure the room the UPS is stationed in is free of any dirt or debris that could interfere with the system’s operation.

If you notice signs of leaks on any of your batteries, contact an expert for replacement.

2. Inspect and Test Ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial to ensuring a UPS remains at optimal operating temperatures. Check the room’s ventilation system to ensure air flows properly and temperature is what you expect.

3. Review Battery Monitoring

Many UPS systems have built-in battery monitoring solutions. You can check battery monitoring results to get key information on system specifications, charge levels, and operating temperatures.

4. Measure the Ambient Temperature

Consult your system’s user manual to ensure the operating temperatures are within the normal range. Overheating systems can have unreliable performance and may present safety hazards.

5. Test Your Generator, If You Have One

Many Bay Area businesses use both a UPS system and an on-site generator to maximize system redundancy. If you have a generator that feeds the UPS system, test generator output monthly.

Every quarter, a service technician should measure the voltage of all cells or battery blocks, give the system a deeper inspection for mechanical and electrical wear, and perform temperature testing. This protects against cascading failure of multiple batteries at once.

Twice a year, battery connections should be repaired, liquid contamination from batteries and capacitators should be removed, and the system should be given a thorough cleaning. A full operational test, cleaning, and inspection of all components can be done once a year.

Bay Area UPS maintenance should be considered an ongoing equipment expense like any other in your business. You’ll save time and money with a trusted local UPS maintenance team.

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