Latest Hacker Attacks Give One More Reason to Battery Backup San Jose Businesses

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Even if you aren’t in a field where you need to worry about customers’ health and safety, a UPS is a good investment. Soon, natural disasters might not be the only risk factor for a power outage in San Jose: Modern hackers are gaining the ability to turn the lights out.

That’s turning heads among the most successful San Jose business owners.


Modern Hackers Don’t Just Steal Data: They Can Even Turn Your Lights Off

Hackers don’t simply infiltrate networks and steal information. It has long been known they are capable of launching attacks that compromise business equipment. As the Internet of Things becomes more prominent, more devices will be vulnerable to these attacks.

Lights, door locks, and much more are gaining mobile-compatible features. These are intended to allow the owner to interact with building systems from anywhere in the world.

In reality, though, they have created a perfect storm of opportunities for bad actors to disrupt your business. Just consider some of the recent news:

Objects like air conditioning systems and CCTVs are increasingly being targeted. Many of these vulnerable items interface with your electrical system. By demanding excessive electricity, they can cause your wiring to short out.

What happens while your business is sitting in the dark?

It can be targeted in a variety of other ways or you could find yourself looking at a ransom demand. Even if you have a small, local business, the threat is real: The average cost of a hacking attack is more than $1 million.

The average cost of an uninterruptible power supply system? Much, much less.

With Battery Backup San Jose Businesses Can Rest Easy About Business Disruption

With all the new threats looming in today’s business landscape, you want one less to worry about. An uninterruptible power supply means your business can continue to run in the event of a blackout.

No matter whether it’s caused by hackers or PG&E, you’ll be able to protect your assets. A good UPS can give you enough lead time so you can ramp down your work in a safe and organized way.

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