Critical Power Systems: A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Northern California

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In the wake of the recent Bay Area blackouts. Northern California businesses are rethinking their approach to critical power systems – or adopting them for the first time.

It’s clear that PG&E regards October’s sudden and devastating blackouts as the new normal. Business owners have less than a year to prepare for more of the same.

Many of those businesses will need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to justify their investment in critical power systems. Since it’s no longer a matter of if, but when your property will lose power, it’s a good idea to benchmark your potential losses.

Be sure to consider these factors:

 Lost Business

Lost business is the first factor in any major service disruption, of course. PG&E’s “public safety” blackouts were designed to last a maximum of seven days. Although most areas suffered closer to three days of outages, a full week of lost business is still a possibility.

Inventory Loss or Spoilage

If you’re running a restaurant, a hotel, a bakery, or any other property where food is served, you’ll lose some inventory to spoilage. Critical power systems make the difference between a fractional loss and complete abandonment of everything on your premises.

Equipment Damage

Equipment damage can be a factor for enterprises involved in digital services, software, or even manufacturing. While utilities have promised 24 hours of notice before a blackout, this was not always upheld. Likewise, blackouts did not always begin on schedule, which can harm machinery.

Increased Safety Risks

If you have customers or staff on site when your lights go out, you’re dealing with enhanced risk. A slip and fall or other accident becomes much more likely. For example, consider edge cases like customers who may be using your restroom when the place goes dark. Yikes!

Lost Reputation

Most of the time, disruption in electric service has nothing to do with you – and there’s nothing you can do about it. But try telling that to the couple who came all the way from New York and was expecting your business be part of a fun day’s outing. Fair or not, online reviews spread.

The real cost of a blackout can be much higher than expected. Critical power systems will protect you when Northern California utilities won’t.

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