UPS Maintenance: Why It's Important For Bay Area Businesses

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Businesses in the San Francisco Bay area must be prepared to serve a sophisticated clientele. San Francisco’s median household income reaches nearly $100,000. Many younger people are involved in the fast-growing and lucrative tech industry.

With so much influence from the tech industry and startup culture, it’s no surprise the Bay’s cities are always on the go. People living in an “always on” culture expect the services they rely on to be available 24/7, too. And that’s exactly where UPS backup comes in. 


If Your Business Uses an Uninterrupted Power Supply, UPS Maintenance is Key

A UPS power supply provides battery backup for “mission critical” equipment and systems, such as hospital ventilators, refrigeration units, and servers in data centers that provide core functions.

A UPS revolution has been sweeping across the Bay Area as more businesses commit to provide 24/7 uninterrupted service. UPS-equipped businesses can withstand service disruption that would come from things like weather disasters and problems with utilities.

To keep your UPS running strong, however, you also need UPS maintenance.

UPS maintenance involves examining all the physical elements of your UPS battery system and testing them to ensure you can expect another six months or year of reliable service.

That can include things like:

  • Ensuring that the battery system is sound, secure, and holds a charge correctly.
  • Testing various battery charging methods and the system’s response to them.
  • Adjusting voltage flow to ensure the UPS can handle spikes and brown-outs.

If you have multiple UPS systems, only one of them will be taken offline at any one time to perform UPS maintenance. This way, you can feel confident that your resources will still be protected. There’s no need to wait until after hours to get your maintenance work done.

UPS Maintenance Will Save You Money on Equipment in the Long Run, Too

A UPS power supply system often uses a string of several batteries. These batteries are able to work together to provide you with the auxiliary power you need during an emergency.

All batteries operate on similar electromagnetic principles, from those in your television remote to the ones that give your UPS its operating capacity. Over time, one or two batteries in an array are likely to fail. Getting these replaced is inexpensive and prevents a cascade that can damage the entire set – a much more expensive prospect.

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