San Jose Battery Replacement For Vet Clinics and Hospitals

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Out of all the businesses, facilities and buildings you might expect to see UPS battery, a veterinarian clinic might be the last you think of. But, a veterinary clinic, especially one that has many different pet services, can use a UPS unit just as much as a hospital for humans. Today we will be outlining why it's important to maintain your clinic's UPS units and why San Jose battery replacement is a service you should check into.

Pet Dental Care

While some of the tools used in a vet clinic are "human-powered" and don't need a UPS unit for backup purposes, other tools and equipment need power to work.  This includes radiographs, a dental station, scales and polishers all need power to work. If you aren't doing regular checkups for your UPS unit and seeing if you need a San Jose battery replacement, this means the equipment might not work if you lose power.

Diagnostics and Testing For Animals

If you use services such as digital radiology, fecal testing, or in-house laboratory testing, you need power to perform these services correctly. Just as important, if you need storage for urine and fecal testing, you need a refrigeration unit that is constantly working!  If you aren't using a UPS company to check your UPS unit, you might not be aware that you need a San Jose battery replacement. Also, your UPS might not work correctly the next time you lose power.

Surgery Services For Pets

If you're a vet and you offer surgeries such as spaying, neutering, dental extractions, mass removals, and amputations, the very last thing on your mind is the power going out. When the power goes out and you didn't hire a UPS maintenance company to come in and check your UPS unit for a San Jose battery replacement, you could be in a really bad situation.

While a UPS unit is beneficial to your clinic, it's also a complex product that needs to be maintained by people that know all of the inner - and outer - workings of the unit. 

A UPS unit typically needs to be replaced every 3-5 years. You should have the unit maintained and inspected at least once a year to make sure it's working properly.

If you need someone to come in and see if you need a San Jose Battery Replacement, consider contacting Nite and Day Power.

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