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The overall service life of a battery is going to depend on things such as age, the environment the battery is in, and of course, the maintenances that the battery receives.  If you purchase a UPS battery it's absolutely imperative that you also consider UPS battery services.


When you use UPS battery services not only are you going to have someone that can help you from the starting point, but also the ending point - or end of life of the battery.  They can ensure that the batteries are removed and disposed of properly and recycled when necessary in accordance with industry and government regulations.  

Here are a few other services you can expect to receive from a company that offers UPS services.

Testing Batteries

Buying a UPS battery versus testing them are two very different things. While buying a UPS battery is pretty simple thanks to all the literature and comparative graphs available, testing is sometimes a complex process.  

Hiring someone that offers UPS battery services is a good way to not only test the batteries to make sure they are working properly, but they will also offer inspection of new batteries to make sure they are performing properly too!

Readings Report

The report will include an analysis of:

- Proper grounding of your power equipment
- Review of the electrical wiring
- Proper wire gauges of all critical equipment

The whole point to the report is to ensure that your UPS batteries are working properly.

Battery Removal and Disposal

Whether you need the batteries removed and disposed of or you need a new installation -- a company that offers UPS battery services will have a service for this type of maintenance.

One of the best options for your business or facility is to find a company with numerous UPS battery services. This way you can work with the same company and ensure a single source for accountability.  If you work with several different companies that offer services, it's going to be difficult to pinpoint who did what services for the UPS unit.  

This also means that if something happens to the unit there is going to be a lot of chaos trying to figure out who to contact to fix or replace the battery. 

If you need UPS battery services for your business, data center or facility, consider visiting Nite and Day Power today or calling them at (800) 540-7693 for more information.

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