Power Backup Systems For Burlingame

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Most people can agree that one of the most important places to have sufficient and ongoing power are hospitals and healthcare facilities.  While backup power is important for a variety of other niches, in the healthcare industry it can literally be the difference between life and death. In addition, a downed system can mean not being able to reach patients files, enter people into the system, or even be able to prescribe medications. Given this information, you can see why having power backup systems is so important.


Most of the hospitals and healthcare facilities have utilized generators for the past 50+ years.  But, you should know that while generators were once THE backup power system to have, times are a-changin' and so is technology!

Why Generators Are On Their Way Out

A lot of the older health care facilities, hospitals, and doctors offices are all switching over to power back up systems because:

- They are more efficient

- They are generally less expensive than a generator

- They are much quieter and can even be placed in a building rather than outdoors where most generators go.

Instances Of Where Power Backup Systems Are Necessary

Although we listed a few instances above, here are a few other examples of where power back up systems in a hospital, healthcare facility, doctors office, or nursing home are beneficial:

- Keeps the lights on

- Makes sure medical devices and equipment continue to work and are available to patients and doctors

- Keeps things like elevators running and operating.

- Reliable heating and air conditioning

- Pharmaceutical production

- Keeps diagnostic equipment running

National Electrical Code Mandate

Power backup systems aren't just a luxury, they are absolutely vital and most state agencies and governments in the US will not only suggest, but demand you have a backup system in place. The National Electrical Code is an official mandate for hospitals and critical care facilities. The mandate states that any facility in the medical or healthcare profession has to have 100% capacity within 10 seconds of the power failure.

So, not only do you owe this to your patients and employees, but it's the law to have some sort of power backup systems in play. You can have either a generator or a backup battery.

If you're interested in learning more about these power backup systems, or you have questions about how they work, you can contact Nite and Day Power.

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