Morgan Hill Businesses Rely On Power Backup Systems

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You might not realize it right now, but if you have a business that deals with things like electronics, computers, file servers or data systems, it's a good idea to start looking into power backup systems. These systems help keep everything in your business up and running even if there is downtime in the electricity in your building.  Before you actually purchase one of these power backup systems though, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.  


What Types Of Items Can Power Backup Systems Safeguard?

ALL power backup systems will have X amount of watts they can handle.  Most of the time these are the most common items they can and cannot handle:


A Small TV
Surround Sound Systems
Alarm Systems
Small Fridge / Small Freezer
Fax Machine


Subfloor Heating
Air Conditioners
Pool Motors

It's not that it can't handle the items above, it's simply that the last items are considered to be power hungry - they take up a lot of extra watts --watts you could be using for something more important.

What Type Of System Do You Need?

There are actually quite a few variations of power backup systems.  These include:

Standby - The most common system - perfect for personal computers
Ferroresonant - Used for battery chargers, Line voltage stabilizers, and heavy industry products
Single Phase On-Line - Primarily used in small or larger businesses and can benefit your business if it's in the IT, Food, Pharmaceutical or Packing niche.
Three Phase On-Line - One of the most energy-efficient systems available.  It's perfect for small data center applications.

Does Your Equipment Need Sine Wave Output?

If you have some equipment in your business and it requires or prefers sine wave power technology, most of the newer power backup systems offer this option.  However, if you don't need it, you might want to consider another system - not only so it's compatible for your business, but there's no sense spending more money for something you don't even need!

Your backup power requirements is not something you should ignore.  Not only can these systems help you save money, but they can also ensure that your uptime is consistent and your business is productive even when the lights go out.  Choosing the right system is sometimes confusing, which is why it's important to talk to someone who has a vast knowledge of these systems. Call us if you have further questions

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