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Prepare for Quakes with Battery Backup in Santa Cruz

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You might not know it, but Santa Cruz has had over dozen earthquakes in the last 30 days.

The total number of earthquakes over the last year? Just shy of 500!

Yes, most Santa Cruz earthquakes are so faint, locals aren’t even aware of them. We’ve all had the experience of lying in bed and feeling a quake that we might not have noticed otherwise!

But: There is always the potential for a big quake with disruptive consequences.

Santa Cruz lies within 15 miles of six major seismic faults and fault systems. One key fault line, the Ben Lomond Fault, runs through Santa Cruz itself. It may be less known than the famous San Andreas Fault, but it can mean trouble for locals any time of the day or night.

What’s the key for businesses to minimize disruption from earthquakes?

It’s battery backup Santa Cruz!

5 Important Bay Area UPS Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

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Bay Area UPS maintenance is essential to ensuring your UPS works as expected.

There are several maintenance tasks only a qualified service technician can perform. General UPS maintenance should be handled about once a quarter. A complete test of the entire system and its associated batteries is necessary once a year.

Most Bay Area UPS maintenance requires the expertise of professional technicians, but there are a few things you and your staff can do to extend UPS life and stay alert to any UPS system problems.

3 Ways Critical Power Systems Protect Your Business

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The basic idea behind critical power systems is simple: When there’s a problem with the flow of power from your utility, the uninterruptible power supply takes over using onboard batteries. These keep equipment online until power is restored.

While that’s the process in a nutshell, critical power systems protect against much more. What many people don’t realize is this: There can be differences in electric quality as well as consistency. This depends on your utility and the wiring of your structure.

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