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A UPS Backup System is More Affordable Than a Power Outage

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A UPS backup system is getting less expensive – and your time is getting more valuable.

Traditionally, UPS has been limited to a narrow swath of businesses. These include hospitals and doctor’s offices, providers of critical data and digital services, and infrastructure firms.

Yes, even the companies responsible for carrying electric from Point A to Point B throughout California use a UPS backup system to protect equipment from sudden voltage changes.

However, UPS systems are becoming more affordable for a broad spectrum of companies. With prices falling, now is a terrific time to consider the cost-benefit analysis of a UPS.

These Three Factors Say You Need UPS for Your Critical Power Systems

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Throughout the Bay Area, critical power systems aren’t just for hospitals anymore.

In healthcare settings, mission critical equipment has traditionally been protected by battery-based backup systems – the uninterruptible power supply or UPS. Hospitals use interlinked UPS systems with several arrays of redundant batteries to prevent equipment failures.

In this environment, seconds count. An uninterruptible power supply is crucial, since a power interruption can cause serious problems in the blink of an eye. With a UPS, doctors and patients need never even be worried about the issue. Many such systems can run for hours.

Over time, UPS implementation is getting more and more affordable for other types of business.

Find Out Who Uses Backup Power In Santa Clara County

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Santa Clara County includes major cities like San Jose, Mountain View, Stanford, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Palo Alto. With a total population over 1.9 million, it’s really grown fast in the last decade!

Santa Clara is home to some of the most important economic engines in the state of California. Many major employers all throughout the county use backup power to protect their investments.

Of course, not everyone in Santa Clara County uses Nite & Day Power, but we have a pretty good sense which enterprises are the biggest consumers of backup power across our service area. 

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