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An Emergency Power Source For Your Palo Alto Business Is Just A Phone Call Away

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We take so many things for granted living here in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, and one of them is our reliance on one of the most sophisticated power grids on the planet.  Our expectation is that when we flick a switch whatever we wanted to be turned on would be activated instantaneously.  While this is a safe assumption, it is always best to prepare for the worst, and we know that the havoc of winter weather can cause problems.  To protect yourself, an Emergency Power Source for your Palo Alto business is just a phone call away here at locally based Nite & Day Power in San Jose and Ben Lomond.

The Emergency Power Source you Need

When we think of an emergency power source here at Nite & Day Power, we are not thinking of junk drawers filled with old batteries, a battered flashlight, or the nub of a burnt down candle.  Indeed, we deliver a state of the art emergency power solution for the 21st Century to your Palo Alto business. Prior to any installation recommendations, we conduct a complete assessment and evaluation of your emergency power source needs, so you know that your system will respond flawlessly in an emergency.  You can rely on us to supply only the most quality of equipment and know how regarding a range of issues to include:

Uninterruptible Maintenance In San Jose

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The best equipment will only work to expectations when they are honed through consistent and diligent maintenance, and that is exactly what we offer here at Nite & Day Power. We know that mechanical devices need to be maintained if they are going to be ready when needed for use.  That is particularly true when the equipment under consideration is the system that is supposed to provide you emergency electricity in the event of a power outage. To ensure that your power will flip on when the power grid flips off, you should discuss our comprehensive UPS maintenance contract.  Here at Nite & Day Power, we are committed to keeping you up and running regardless of the circumstances.

UPS Maintenance in the Bay Area

Our highly educated and trained technicians serve the entire Bay Area, and we have factory certified expertise that guarantees that your emergency power system is installed and maintained flawlessly.  To ensure superior results, we offer excellent UPS maintenance packages that include:

  • Regular testing of your UPS equipment
  • Provide complete operational test of system
  • Electrical connections are tight and not generating heat
  • Inspect and clean air filters
  • Visually check for leakage and contamination of batteries

Battery Backup For Your Bay Area Business

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A battery backup for your Bay Area business puts you in an excellent position in the event of an electrical outage in your area. While rare, a power outage in the greater San Francisco Bay area can cause untold problems and complications for your customers and business.  It is for this reason that smart business leaders are exploring all of their available options when it comes to protecting their business investments with an emergency battery backup power system. This provides an uninterruptible power supply designed to power up within moments of a disruption in the building’s municipal transmission lines. For UPS battery backup protection throughout the Bay Area, rely on the professional services of Nite & Day Power.

Build Your Battery Backup with Nite & Day Power

Obtaining an emergency battery backup power source that you can trust begins with working with professionals fully versed in all aspects of UPS infrastructure. 

We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your power needs before offering a myriad of available battery options.  Once we have identified your critical systems, we will proceed to install and maintain your system with the precision required from such exacting work.

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