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Latest Hacker Attacks Give One More Reason to Battery Backup San Jose Businesses

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Even if you aren’t in a field where you need to worry about customers’ health and safety, a UPS is a good investment. Soon, natural disasters might not be the only risk factor for a power outage in San Jose: Modern hackers are gaining the ability to turn the lights out.

That’s turning heads among the most successful San Jose business owners.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply Keeps Your Dental Practice on Track

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Of all the different businesses that can benefit from uninterruptible power supply, a dentist office has some of the clearest advantages. Although you might not suffer from outages on a regular basis, just one brief outage can have a lasting impact on your business.

If your electrical supply is interrupted, you’ll end up having to postpone treatments for some patients. In rare but serious instances, there could be an interruption when someone is in the middle of a major procedure or being overseen by an anesthesiologist.

Yes, these sorts of emergencies are rare. But even when an outage is not life-threatening, it can still have a long-term impact. Patients will worry if they see an outage. That could cause them to draw conclusions that will harm your business in the long run.

Critical Power Systems: A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Northern California

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In the wake of the recent Bay Area blackouts. Northern California businesses are rethinking their approach to critical power systems – or adopting them for the first time.

It’s clear that PG&E regards October’s sudden and devastating blackouts as the new normal. Business owners have less than a year to prepare for more of the same.

Many of those businesses will need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to justify their investment in critical power systems. Since it’s no longer a matter of if, but when your property will lose power, it’s a good idea to benchmark your potential losses.

Be sure to consider these factors:

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