5 Tenets of Uninterruptible Power Supply

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An uninterruptible power supply is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that can ensure business continuity in the Bay Area. When electricity from your provider is cut off for any reason, the UPS kicks into action and delivers the power you need with its built-in array of batteries.

Here are the five core tenets to know to get the most from an uninterruptible power supply:

What are the 5 Core Tenets of Uninterruptible Power Supply? 

1. Size the System Correctly to Meet Your Needs

A business UPS is much larger and more sophisticated than the kind available to consumers. You can choose a smaller system to safeguard sensitive computer equipment or a large one that will allow your operations to continue as normal for several hours. Think ahead and choose the right option for you.

2. Have a UPS Maintenance Plan in Place

UPS maintenance is divided into weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks. The maintenance routine must include battery testing to verify reliable power delivery. The fastest and easiest way to extend the life of your UPS is to enter a regular maintenance contract with a trusted team of UPS engineers.

3. Understand the Risks of Your System

All industrial batteries can be a safety hazard. Some UPS systems are very secure and self-contained, while others require special precautions. When the system is installed, be sure its location minimizes risks and that your entire team is informed about what to do (and not to do) around it.

4. Monitor Your Electrical System for Risks

As your power needs grow, they place more strain on your building’s electrical system. Over time, faulty wiring, poor grounding, and other issues can develop that may result in a fire hazard. Your UPS vendor can perform a power analysis and identify “hot spots” prone to cause problems.

5. Stay in Contact with Trusted UPS Experts

When it comes to your UPS system, don’t settle for doing it all on your own. Choose a UPS installer that is truly serious about standing by you for the long haul. When questions or concerns arise about a UPS, skip the online forums and go directly to the source for answers that will keep your business safe.

These five simple ideas will help you select the best UPS for you and get premium value from it for years to come. Contact us at Night & Day Power to learn more about UPS systems that will provide continuous power in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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