Backup Power Solutions for California Nursing Homes

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Backup power is becoming much more important here in California.

With so many businesses still shut down, those that are operating often face increased electrical demands that put additional strain on the wiring of older buildings. Backup power is the easiest solution to this challenge.

Nursing homes in particular have been hit hard by changing circumstances.

These facilities can’t simply shut down. Because healthcare workers and their residents are at major risk during COVID-19, it is more vital than ever that every aspect of the care environment operate exactly as expected.

Reduce the Danger to Nursing Home Residents Using Backup Power

It is well known that nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable populations for COVID-19.

More than 12,000 deaths in California’s COVID-19 toll are attributed to elders in skilled nursing facilities. To put this in perspective, that represents nearly 30% of the Golden State’s COVID-19 fatalities during the pandemic.

Elders rely on nursing homes to provide the safest environment possible. Their families are more concerned than ever about their well-being, but often have few options other than trust their loved one’s care providers.

Nursing home backup power is crucial to protecting the elderly:

  • It ensures ventilation systems continue operating, reducing pathogen accumulation in stagnant air

  • It maintains heating and cooling so that safe, comfortable temperatures are assured in all weather

  • It prevents medications and other sensitive materials from being damaged by refrigeration lapses

  • It enables skilled care practitioners to continue providing excellence under emergency conditions

The Best Time to Plan for Nursing Home Backup Power is Right Now

There has never been a better time for nursing homes to put emergency backup power in place.

Temperatures throughout much of Northern California are mild right now. June will be here before you know it, however, and we’ll be facing another unpredictable fire season.

Recent research suggests that wildfire season has the potential to grow longer and more severe in the coming years. No matter where or what size your facility is, there is the chance of losing power for hours to days.

The right battery backup system can provide you with the safety and flexibility you need to implement disaster management protocols. A smaller backup power system can keep your critical equipment online, while a larger one may enable you to operate normally until full electrical service is restored.

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